Integrity Assessment
and Risk Analysis


Quality Information for Better Decision Making


Accurately assessing and addressing risk is essential for any project’s longevity. We tailor our assessment to each client by researching their industry codes and standards, regulatory requirements, and client company guidelines before recommending best-practice risk mitigation strategies.

We extend the longevity of client projects by performing regular risk-based inspections (RBIs). RBIs are a cost-efficient strategy for maintaining system integrity, identifying/quantifying risks and risk severity, establishing necessary inspection measures, and assessing rates of corrosion or system degradation.

Following inspections, we typically advise clients on the identification and severity of detected risks and repair prioritization, multi-year repair/maintenance plans, the effectiveness of mitigating strategies, and the status of implemented prevention/control measures. Our industry-leading risk management systems are then shared with the client's facility management team, giving them all the tools they need to continuously monitor their system.

Analysis Capabilities

  •  Damage detection
  •  Damage mechanism determination
  •  Corrosion/erosion rate calculation
  •  Fitness for Service tests
  •  Material properties test
  •  Crack assessments
  •  Hull gaging (ABS)
  •  API, NACE, CWI services
  •  Quality assurance audit support
  •  Data Interpretation