Custom Project Work


Service Providers

As all-inclusive solutions providers, Kakivik is relentless in our effort to provide clients with the highest valued service possible. To that end, we make full use of the tools available to us—be they tried and true industry standards, or personally invented by our own team of engineers. Our team of inspection experts are highly trained, rigorously tested, and fully qualified to offer the highest quality inspection services, including rope access.

Inspection, Repair,
and Maintenance

We provide inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM) services for pipelines, pressure vessels, hulls, storage tanks, valves, marine vessels, and other structures. Other major capabilities include cathodic protection surveys, Fitness for Service testing, corrosion monitoring, telecommunication facility inspection, and In-Line Inspection (ILI) data interpretation.

Testing Services

Our Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services support inspections for the traditional and renewable energy sector, marine enterprises, aviation, telecommunications, and general industrial facilities. We are fully equipped to perform any turnaround or Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) inspections.

Capabilities include:

  •   Radiographic testing
  •   Ultrasonic testing
  •   Penetrant testing
  •   Magnetic particle testing
  •   Visual inspection
  •   Positive material identification
  •   Real-time imaging and digital radiography
  •   Rope access inspections
  •   Remote operated vehicles
  •   Automated radiography and ultrasonic techniques

Field Repairs
and Maintenance

Kakivik deploys our in-field services through CCI Industrial, our branch company specializing in providing specialized facility and industrial services. CCI Industrial’s capabilities include:

  •   Asbestos and lead surveying
  •   Pipeline insulation removal and repair
  •   Mechanical and fabrication repair
  •   Tank, vessel, and industrial cleaning
  •   Specialty coatings and sandblasting
  •   Hazardous waste removal