Specialty Inspection

In addition to our standard NDE courses, Kakivik also conducts training in specialized techniques and inspection methods. The following is a partial list of the classes conducted or sponsored by Kakivik and a brief description of each.

API – 510, 570 and 653

API – 510, 570 and 653 are third party inspector certifications that are recognized worldwide. These certifications pertain to the inspection of pressure vessels, storage tanks and piping systems found in facilities engaged in the processing and transportation of oil and gas. Kakivik has numerous personnel certified by API and we are committed to sponsoring classes to prepare our personnel for the API certification examinations at all levels.

These courses are typically conducted at our Anchorage training facility and presented by third parties who are recognized subject experts.

Corrosion Film Interpretation

Coursework educates the radiographic technician in the identification and quantification of corrosions on radiographs of piping systems and related infrastructure assets. This knowledge coupled with field experience dramatically improves field proficiency.

Digital Imaging

Digital Imaging is similar to the production of images utilizing film techniques, but the methodology presents its own unique characteristics and variables. Coursework covers multiple digital imaging formats with a comprehensive review of each technique. We offer multiple courses of varying length based on Quality Program Management requirements.


As the need arises Kakivik will sponsor or conduct specialty courses including but not limited to Leak Detection, EMAT, Visual Inspection, Laser Profilometry, Magnetic Flux Exclusion, Ultrasonic Defect Sizing Civil Inspection, and Infrared Thermography. Contact our Training Department for information regarding scheduling and availability or to request a course for your company’s personnel.