Course Offerings

Kakivik believes that continuous training of personnel engaged in nondestructive examination is essential to providing our clients with superior service. Those who intimately understand the tools, processes and facilities they are responsible for are the critical variable in successful asset integrity management.

It is for this reason that we offer Kakivik personnel the opportunity to increase their knowledge and to enhance their qualifications through participation in high quality training courses in Nondestructive Examination, Quality Control and Inspection.

Superior training is in high demand in the realm of nondestructive testing. We offer our training classes to our clients and others due to our dedication to advancing the field of nondestructive testing as evidenced by our commitment to continuing education.

We offer courses in the common nondestructive test methods of Radiography, Ultrasonics, Liquid Penetrant and Magnetic Particle. Kakivik also provides training in the specialty areas of Leak Detection, Infrared Thermography, Visual Examination, and others. We also regularly sponsor and conduct preparatory courses for third party certification for API 510, 570 and 653, NACE, AWS and ASNT IRRSP (Industrial Radiography and Radiation Safety Personnel).

Please browse our training course schedule for our next available class in your area of interest.

Radiography Testing – Levels I and II

Students are instructed in the basics of radiographic examination. The courses include 40 hours of instruction for each level in the following topics:

  • Radiation Safety
  • Basic Radiographic Physics
  • Radiographic Techniques
  • Film Quality and Manufacturing Processes
  • Radiographic Evaluation and Interpretation
  • And much more

The radiographic instruction is performed by personnel with many years of experience in the field of radiography, who understand both the theory of radiography and the practical application of the method. All the information necessary for certification to Level II, as recommended by ASNT TC - 1A, is covered in these courses.

Radiation Safety

Kakivik conducts courses in Radiation Safety periodically throughout the year. The courses are forty hours in length and are designed to equip the student to first gain the necessary knowledge to enable them to work safely with radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment and secondly to gain the body of knowledge required for passing the ASNT IRRSP (Industrial Radiography and Radiation Safety Personnel) exam.

Passing the IRRSP examination is a prerequisite for beginning a certification program in the Radiographic method.

Ultrasonic Testing – Levels I & II

Ultrasonics courses are conducted several times a year and cover the material recommended by ASNT SNT-TC-1A. Instructors are highly experienced in the ultrasonic method and skilled at conveying the course material in a manner that makes complex principles easily understood. The material covered includes the following general subjects in addition to specific techniques applicable to field operations.

  • Basic Principles of Acoustics
  • Ultrasonic Equipment
    • Instruments, transducers, couplants
  • Basic Testing Methods
  • Contact, immersion, straight beam, angle beam
  • Calibration
  • Examination to Specific Procedures
  • Straight Beam and Angle Beam Examination Procedures
  • Evaluation of Materials
    • Ingots, Plate, Bar, Pipe, Forgings, Castings, Composites, Welds
  • Discontinuity Detection
    • Sensitivity, Resolution
  • Sizing and Location of Discontinuities
  • Evaluation of Discontinuities
    • Comparison to Procedures and Specifications
  • And much more

Ultrasonic examination is used for materials evaluation, weld inspection, thickness gauging and a host of other applications. The courses discuss these applications in manual and automated modes in conventional and phased array techniques.

Magnetic Particle & Liquid Penetrant Testing

These methods are the principal techniques utilized for conducting surface examinations of ferrous and nonferrous metals and other engineering materials. Kakivik’s Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant courses provide students with the requisite classroom training to meet the SNT-TC-1A recommendations for Level II certification.

The training courses cover both theory and the practical application of these inspection methods and provide the student the knowledge necessary for effective field application of these surface examinations.