Infrared Thermography

Experienced and certified technicians conduct IR inspections then record and analyze the inspection data.

Kakivik has successfully deployed leading edge technology to detect trapped water that could cause corrosion under the foam insulation on pipelines. We utilize Infrared Thermography (IR) inspection as a rapid screening tool for highly suspect areas of potential corrosion.

With the use of IR inspection and complementary assessment services we are able to significantly improve the integrity management of insulated pipelines, flow and well lines, and process piping.

We work with facility owners and operators to conduct a preliminary assessment of their production infrastructure. After careful review of isometric drawings and lay-out data, site walk downs, and interviews and discussions with operations personnel, we prepare an inspection and testing plan and schedule.

Our experienced and certified IR Technicians conduct the IR inspections, and record and analyze inspection data. Where water has been detected we conduct radiographic follow-up to capture images for documentation and to serve the requirements of our client’s integrity management program.

Our crews also coordinate with operations personnel for insulation stripping requests and subsequent visual inspection (VT) direct assessment.

IR Inspection customers receive an inspection report that includes a description of all IR findings, inspection data sheets including representative images, and FLIR® software reports. Line data sheets provide line identification, IR inspection dates, ambient temperature, and line temperature. All IR and photo images and data are archived.

Call us for a discussion of the benefits of IR inspection technology and to inquire as to our labor and equipment rates. Should our IR assessments prove beneficial to your asset and operating integrity objectives, Kakivik would be pleased to discuss enhanced commercial terms for increased inspection volumes.

If desired, we can further develop IR inspection techniques refined for specific application to your oilfield operations, including work on larger diameter pipe. We have the ability to provide critically valuable data on wet insulation that will ultimately lead to corrosion before asset integrity is dangerously compromised.