ILI Data Interpretation


Kakivik technicians can review, interpret and analyze your In-Line Inspection (ILI) Data. Asset integrity is our core business and our aim is to assist you in maximizing your return on your infrastructure investments. Expert ILI data interpretation will achieve lower operational costs and get you closer to your target of no releases, ruptures or leaks.

Our interpretations will be critical to developing your response plan for monitoring, future inspection scheduling, and scheduled and immediate failure mitigation.

Kakivik technicians are deeply experienced in the identification of potential threats to your pipeline integrity. We will begin with reviews of your baseline assessments and then apply our knowledge to converting threat identifications to integrity program planning.

As a member of your operating integrity team, we are available to support your continual evaluation of your assets, and will deploy to support your required periodic reassessments.

We are familiar with the multitude of anomalies that can impact your infrastructure and are eager to begin learning the in-line geometry and condition of your systems. The more we learn about your systems, the greater the value of our services.

Interpretations will provide relative rankings of identified anomalies including metal loss, exceeded burst pressure ratios, corrosion, mechanical damage, and lesser corrosion or erosion that planners must be made aware of.

Call to schedule a discussion of your ILI-Data Interpretation requirements. Our technicians are available on a periodic or embedded basis.