Heat Treat Services

Many of our clients own and operate significant industrial infrastructure. These assets and a multitude of their components regularly undergo maintenance and repair. When the components involve medium and high carbon steel or alloy steel, Kakivik can be called upon to provide Heat Treat services.

Technicians provide preheat, interpass temperature, and postweld heat treatment of steel pressure vessel and pipe welds; as well as other industrial components. Heat treatment can be used to relieve post-weld stress, anneal materials, prevent distortion, and assist with achieving dimensional stability of your finished products.

Medium and high-carbon steels always require greater care when welding in order to control for hardness through a controlled cooling process. Mild steels can sometimes require pre-heat when repairs are needed in the field; and postweld heat treatment may be used for low-carbon steels to ensure dimensional stability where close, flat tolerances are needed.

The rules for fabrication welding and repair welding vary with the composition and physical characteristics of your materials. Kakivik performs all aspects of weld related heat treating.

Operating under seven different procedures for piping, valves, flanges, pressure vessel nozzles, etc., work is performed to standard code requirements of ASME, AWS and API. Working with your metallurgists we develop custom procedures when necessary.

Our work has involved pre-turnaround and turnaround activities, fabrications, and steel casing and well casing manufacture. We also have experience conducting hydrogen bake-out of hydrocrackers and associated piping. Our crews and heat treat consoles are available for deployment to your work site or manufacturing location. Where 125 Amp three-phase power is not available we can provide mobile power generation as well.