Data Management

Kakivik has considerable data management experience. If your integrity management program consists of a room full of file cabinets overflowing with random, poorly organized paperwork – we  can help.

Manual and Electronic Data Collection

From small facilities with internally developed data management systems, to those who utilize Ultrapipe™ or other off-the-shelf systems, to large infrastructure owners using massive proprietary systems – Kakivik knows how to handle data. Integrity management is only as good as your data management. Excellent data begins with unified and streamlined field reporting and on-site data entry. Automated reporting provides managers with benchmarking tools and engineers with the data they need for API evaluations, fitness-for-service evaluations, regulatory reporting, and life-cycle asset management. Responses to custom queries are excellent for long term planning and recognizing unique changes to your industrial assets such as accelerated corrosion rates, trending rates, weld failures, etc.

Technology/Qualification Level

  • Various database and spreadsheet formats
  • Various electronic data logging equipment and procedures