Corrosion Monitoring

One of our technicians hard at work.

Over the past decade, Kakivik’s capability set and service portfolio for Integrity Management of our client’s industrial assets has grown to include corrosion monitoring and oil field chemicals field services.

Our expertise is in assisting our clients with preserving the structural integrity and ensuring the process safety of their facilities through our experience in assessing and managing corrosion-related issues.

Field Chemicals Management

Kakivik has extensive experience in managing and improving corrosion monitoring programs. Our technicians expertly monitor probes and coupons and are actively engaged in assessing the effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors for a multitude of applications. In addition, we continually monitor, assess, and assist in mitigating the damage mechanisms at work on your infrastructure.

Optimized placement of electrical resistance probes and weight loss coupons is achieved throughout flow line and well line networks.

Kakivik’s teams maintain complete documentation and then assist with report preparation and verification.

Our strength lies in our ability to bring a broad and thorough understanding of Asset Integrity Management to our customers’ requirements for superior corrosion monitoring, problem solving, data management, and infrastructure risk assessment.

Our technicians assist with the management and/or performance of:

  • Coupon pulls
  • Chemical laboratory services
  • Monitoring, installing and maintaining probes
  • Data acquisition from probes
  • Rapid screen chemical testing
  • Complete coordination with all pigging activities
  • Installation and removal of plugs and fittings
  • Operations, maintenance and repair of remote data collectors
  • Handling of industrial waste and documentation

Chemical Storage and Deployment

Kakivik provides complete support for oilfield Chemical Systems Management. Our experienced and skilled personnel manage and facilitate the planning, implementation, administration and maintenance of our client’s chemical inhibition programs.

Documented processes are utilized for the safe and efficient deployment and control of field chemicals. Our work includes continual effort at identification and evaluation of alternatives, with disciplined procedures for acquisition and approval, risk evaluation and mapping, and inventory tracking and control.

Management of Change (MOC) policies and procedures are used to manage all chemical alternative evaluation, substitution, and deviation from established routines.

Systems are carefully refined around inventory control, tracking, transportation, storage, labeling, data management and archiving, stakeholder interfaces, chemical deployment, and disposition.

The Kakivik workforce is intensely attuned to expert management of workflows, safe chemical handling, and critical technical performance issues.

Our clients receive thoroughly professional services in supply chain optimization, bulk storage operations, load/offload, batch treatment, and injection rate monitoring and control.

We also provide Production Chemists to overcome and minimize the many production issues that arise in the field relative to fouling (scale corrosion, wax) and deposition, flow assurance, structural integrity, workforce safety, and mitigation of environmental or economic consequences.

Our aim is to assist with the resolution of production issues, maximize the efficiency of process aids, and enhance plant and facility performance.