Our RAT techs are highly trained and have earned Kakivik a Zero Recordable Incidents safety record

Kakivik Asset Management, LLC is committed to excellence and leadership in health, safety and environmental values and performance. Specifically, Kakivik is committed to investing the necessary vision, energy and resources in order to:

  • Ensure that everyone, on every job can reasonably expect to go home safely every day. As an operating subsidiary of Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC), Kakivik has a strong commitment to our people. By maintaining a safe and secure work environment we protect our employees, our clients, our contractors and our stakeholders. This is our top priority.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory, company and client HSE requirements.Kakivik is in the integrity business, and integrity starts with honesty and a commitment to comply. Compliance is the "price of admission." Be it regulatory, company- or client-driven, compliance is non-negotiable, mandatory and expected.  (Note: Some clients may require Kakivik to adhere to their HSE programs in addition to our own. However, in no case will requirements be less than that of Kakivik's program.)
  • Ensure proper care and stewardship for the environment. Kakivik enthusiastically affirms BBNC's commitment to the land. "Land is the gift of our ancestors and the guarantee of our right to continue our subsistence lifestyle. Land is the heart of our culture. Without land, we are nothing." - Harvey Samuelsen (1926 - 2004; revered elder, leader and statesman from the Bristol Bay region of Alaska.) This commitment enables us to have a unique and influential role in the way we conduct our business as responsible stewards of the environment.

All employees and agents of Kakivik are expected to respect and embrace these values.

Kakivik's HSE program is comprised of training, auditing, communications and work practices designed to empower all Kakivik employees. We endeavor to continuously improve HSE performance through our focus on More & Better 3F's - Face Time, Feedback and Follow-Up.

  • Face Time - We are convinced that it should be normal to have meaningful face-to-face conversations regarding HSE at and between all levels of the organization.
  • Feedback - We need and welcome relevant and documented feedback on areas that are working as designed or are in need of improvement.
  • Follow-Up - Our leadership strives to act and communicate effectively as we follow-up on areas of concern and opportunities for improvement.

We provide employees with the information and resources necessary to work safely in all conditions. Every employee has the responsibility to work safely, communicate effectively, recognize and remove hazards, follow established regulations and safety guidelines, and participate in the continuous improvement of Kakivik’s HSE Program. By doing so, we endeavor to eliminate all injuries, occupational illnesses, unsafe practices and environmental harm from our business activities.

Kakivik participates in the data communication hub ISNetworld.