Quality Program Management

Kakivik’s Quality Program and systems are overseen by a management team that disseminates philosophies, documented procedures and protocol throughout the company and remote field locations. Quality programs are systematically upgraded to support the company’s growth and to expand core disciplines to meet the rigors of operating in harsh environments and in complex industrial settings.

Field-based managers are trained in all systems and controls and participate in monthly Quality Program reporting and the development of operational metrics. Kakivik employs a structured system of measuring performance against corporate quality initiatives; and managers immediately respond to our customer’s quality issues, concerns and requirements.

The department systematically investigates, authenticates and tracks all technical credentials, certifications, training, testing and evaluations; and fitness, health and vision records.

Data management is a significant function of the Quality Department in support of field and remote location activities; and managers monitor and record all corrective actions and employ root cause analysis for problem resolution. Reporting is directly to the President and CEO of Kakivik, with Operations and Project Managers aiding with Quality Program implementation and reviews.