Code of Ethics

Lab Techs perform product sampling utilizing specialized techniques such as Mass Spectrometry

Kakivik’s employees and business activities are guided by a multi-tiered program of guidance in and monitoring of ethical conduct and integrity.

  1. This begins with our parent company, Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC), and the comprehensive Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that applies to all officers and employees of BBNC and to all subsidiaries, entities, and business units worldwide, and to all business activities. As owners, BBNC demands ethical and honorable behavior not just of itself, but of those who work for us, and those we work with – our business partners, vendors, and clients.
  2. BBNC provides a corporate-wide reporting “hotline” and website for employees to voice concerns, and to report unethical, fraudulent and criminal activity.
  3. The Employee Handbook of Kakivik Asset Management, LLC commits all employees to the principles of honorable conduct in all business dealings.
  4. The Business Conduct Policy of Kakivik Asset Management, LLC provides detailed guidance on acceptable principles of ethical conduct.

Ethics is a mandatory aspect of new hire orientation training and online training and testing is required of all employees. BBNC and Kakivik have implemented a program of due diligence in preventing and detecting criminal activity; and a sustained effort of improvement in our internal control systems is required by the executive management team and Kakivik’s board of directors.

Kakivik maintains a drug- and alcohol-free work environment and requires drug and alcohol screening of all job applicants and employees as good business practices, and contractual and legal obligations dictate. All employees are bound to strict confidentiality as to any proprietary or privileged information pertaining to our clients, partners, and their affiliated companies with respect to negotiations, financial data, work in progress, technological innovations, work processes, and all other information deemed confidential, proprietary or privileged by the customer.

To Report Unethical, Fraudulent or Criminal Activity

The BBNC corporate-wide anonymous reporting "hotline" and website are available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. If you have concerns, please go online or call: