Storage Tanks

storage tanks

Providing cathodic protection system design for tank farms

From design through end-of-life, Kakivik has provided asset integrity management services to storage tank owners across the country and overseas.

We work hard to assist our customers in maximizing their assets' life cycles, and in saving money by preventing the loss of stored product. In this, we are guided by always placing the highest value on preserving the environment and avoiding contamination.

API 653

Performed API 653 tank inspections during refinery turnarounds. Out-of-service inspections included interior and exterior settlement surveys.

Performed API 653 tank inspections for the U.S. Department of Defense in Sasebo and Okinawa, Japan and in Guam. Thickness readings were also performed on tank shells and floors.

Performed API 653 tank inspections for municipalities, government installations, commercial fuel storage facilities, and ports.

Deployed Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) technology for scanning of fuel storage tank floors. Implementing this technology for scanning of thick plate saved one customer over 200 man-hours of labor per tank.

Cathodic Protection

Developed cathodic protection system designs for 250-foot above ground storage tanks.

Cathodic Protection System Analysis

Provided cathodic protection system analysis and design for new fuel storage tank farms including evaluation of corrosivity of proposed sites, review of applicable codes and technical standards, and deployment of cathodic protection systems.

Life Cycle Asset Management

Developed long range maintenance plans for marine terminal storage tanks, scope of work included regulatory compliance and introduction of grid type cathodic protection systems.