Kakivik has provided a range of NDT and inspection services on a large variety of pipeline systems, both in Alaska and the Lower-48.

We have provided Cathodic Protection to the entire 800-mile length of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System, and while holding the exclusive inspection and NDT services contract our field crews performed safely for more than five years without a lost time incident.

3D Laser Scanning

Implemented 3-dimensional LASER scanning using Corrscan™ technology. The technology was coupled to automated R-streng™ calculators as well as semi-automated finite element analysis (FEA).

API Inspections

Provided technical support using API 510, 570 and 653 technicians and engineers to support corrosion investigations and repairs of piping and aboveground storage tanks.

Asset Integrity Management

Provided turn-key pipeline integrity management programs for major clients. Vast experience deploying field technicians 24 hours/day, 365 day/year in harsh, remote locations.

Cathodic Protection

Provided technical support and consulting during design, development and implementation of cathodic protection coupon programs. Support provided has been from program inception through regulatory approval of technology, laboratory testing, prototype installations, line wide implementation and initial monitoring.

Conducted feasibility studies for natural gas pipeline projects; examination of cathodic protection alternatives, economic analyses of designs, and produced final recommendations.

Corrosion Engineering

Provided technical and administrative support for the implementation of the Cooperative Corrosion Agreement Program of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. Support included identification of locations, development of designs, execution and implementation, and conducting the system check out for cathodic protection upgrades along the entire length of the 800-mile pipeline.

Provided field corrosion engineering support for projects line wide; including mainline digs, facility corrosion investigations, tank inspections and repairs, cathodic protection evaluations and upgrades, and field corrosion studies.

Eddy Current

Conducted pipeline and tank inspections utilizing eddy current technology to quantitatively establish wall thickness through insulation. Deployed guided-wave ultrasonics and eddy current technology to identify corrosion under insulation.

Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer

Deployed Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) technology for identification of internal corrosion in un-insulated piping.

Guided Wave Ultrasonic Technology

Conducted detailed feasibility studies of Guided Wave technology and potential applications. Performed guided wave inspections at road crossings of major oil transportation lines.

Induced AC Evaluations

Evaluated risk of induced AC for natural gas pipelines including evaluation of shared pipeline rights-of-way, calculations and analysis to assess risk, and design of fit-for-purpose measures to mitigate the negative effects of induced AC. Project deliverables have included material and installation specifications and design drawings.

Protective Coatings

Developed numerous protective coating test programs, assisted in their execution, and provided interpretation of test results. Programs have included protective coatings for berths, cold cure coatings, tank floor coatings, mainline coatings, facility piping coatings and concrete coatings.

Quality Assurance

Provided Quality Assurance to the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) during its Strategic Reconfiguration. The Strategic Reconfiguration was the largest capital project undertaken by TAPS since the initial construction of the pipeline.

Provided Quality Assurance and NDT on new construction of natural gas, oil, and product pipelines.

Regulatory and Code Compliance

Conducted field evaluations for buried fuel line environmental and regulatory compliance; provided recommendations for cathodic protection system upgrades.