Innovation and Unmatched Production

Kakivik's Smart Crawler, on the job

Since 2000, Kakivik has provided Automated Tangential Radioscopic Testing (ATRT), Real Time Radioscopic Testing (RTR), and Linear Array for a large number of customers. We have expanded our automated crawler fleet and furthered our capabilities through innovation.

Our wireless crawlers used in ATRT average over 200,000 linear feet per month. That record of production is virtually unmatched in today’s inspection industry. For some companies that number equates to an entire year’s scope of work – completed in one month’s time – with no follow-up inspections required. Our ATRT equipment consistently outperforms any other known system.

The RTR and Linear Array systems Kakivik utilizes to assess the internal conditions of long lengths of pipeline are invaluable to the integrity management programs for our client’s assets. Kakivik’s robotic crawlers and associated image systems transmit a live internal image of the pipeline to a support vehicle where an inspector views the image, evaluates serviceability, and records the image to a database for permanent reference.