Kakivik “Spotlighted” by ISNetworld

Kakivik Asset Management “Spotlighted” by ISNetworld

Anchorage, AK – Kakivik Asset Management, LLC has been selected by ISNetworld (ISN) to be profiled as an expert user of its online services. ISNetworld is a global provider of data conformance verification services and is widely used by capital-intensive industries to assist in contractor and supplier management. ISNetworld utilizes subject matter experts to verify health, safety and procurement related data for accuracy and validity. View Kakivik’s ISN Spotlight at ISNetworld.com.

Kakivik has utilized the ISNetworld data communication hub for the past five years for the convenience of our customers. As a subscriber, Kakivik houses documents, data, and health and safety statistics with ISN under their Review and Verification Services (RAVS) program.

Our customers regularly review our ISN Contractor Dashboard to verify data and ascertain operating conditions, review our qualifications, and monitor our safety statistics. ISN allows us to have available, 24/7, our most current company profile, RAVS score, insurance information and certifications, OSHA forms and job history for the benefit of owner-company contract managers and senior buyers.

Kakivik gains the additional benefit of measuring, comparing and benchmarking our health and safety statistics while also gaining an additional channel for communicating with our customers.

Our customers have responded so favorably to our efficient and vigilant management of our ISN data library, we have regularly earned “outstanding” online reviews from our clients who place a high value on well organized, third-party verified data. The convenience ISN provides both Kakivik and our customers has contributed to the fostering of safer work environments and helped us to strengthen our relationships and partnerships.

We are proud of the recognition that ISNetworld’s online “Spotlight” provides to our hard working and dedicated HSE personnel who have become proficient ISN users in the course of managing HSE statistics and training data, maintaining regulatory compliance, and continually improving HSE processes through ISN’s assisted internal auditing. View Kakivik’s ISN Spotlight at ISNetworld.com, or contact Ron Cooke, Kakivik HSE & Procurement Manager at rcooke@kakivik.com for further information.

Kakivik Asset Management, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bristol Bay Native Corporation. Headquartered in Anchorage, AK, Kakivik has been providing world class nondestructive testing, inspections, quality assurance and program management to multiple industry verticals for ten years.