Kakivik Completes 4th Consecutive Year Injury Free

Recent achievement is a reflection of commitment to top core company value–employee safety.

Anchorage, November 3, 2014: Kakivik Asset Management employees completed their 4th year of work without an OSHA Recordable injury on October 12, 2015. The 210-member work force has also worked in excess of 1.5 million man-hours since the last such incident. Kakivik employees work primarily on Alaska’s North Slope at the Kuparuk and Alpine fields, but also have completed projects at Prudhoe Bay, in the Cook Inlet, Anchorage, Dillingham as well as overseas in Australia.
President and CEO Ben Schoffmann commented, “The continued safe work of our employees is both a source of great pride and a testimony to our commitment to our employees, their families and loved ones. Safety is our top core value – it is the best way we have to honor, respect and care for our employees, who help drive the success of our company. Working safely is one of our top differentiators to attract new clients and qualified employees who believe in our mission and vision - to build a strong and growing integrity management company.”
Todd Dow, Chief Operating Officer of Kakivik, said, “I am so proud of the way the team lives out our number one value of safety. They start every job with a clear focus on what they need to do in order to keep from getting hurt. They look out for each other to ensure everyone can go home safely to those who need and depend upon them. They have achieved this milestone together – as a team, as a family.”