Kakivik Congratulates First “NDT Boot Camp” Graduating Class

Integrated Program and Apprenticeship Trains Alaskans in Nondestructive Testing Technologies, Develops In-State Skills to Support In-State Industries

bootcamp_grads_1.jpgAnchorage, AK — On July 22, nine students graduated from UAA’s inaugural “NDT Boot Camp,” an accelerated version of the Nondestructive Testing Technician Instructional Program.  The 15-week series of courses, paired with the first federally-approved NDT apprenticeship program, is the result of an innovative public-private partnership between Kakivik Asset Management, the State of Alaska’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and the University of Alaska. The first such integrated program of its kind, its goal is to develop the next generation of NDT technicians to serve the needs of Alaskan industry.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a process of analyzing materials and systems without causing any damage, through the use of x-rays, ultrasonics, liquid penetrants, and other means. In Alaska, NDT plays a particularly important role in the oil and gas industry, where ensuring pipeline integrity is of the utmost importance, both environmentally and economically. The nine graduates of the NDT Boot Camp program received a grounding in general nondestructive testing, as well as intensive coursework in ultrasonic and radiographic testing, and radiographic safety. Their next step will be to gain real-world experience in the field, working on-site as apprentices to trained and skilled inspectors.

In April 2009, Kakivik’s apprenticeship program became the first in the nation to be approved by the U. S. Department of Labor.

“We’re very excited to have helped develop the NDT Boot Camp curriculum, and are thrilled to be able to mentor the graduates through their field training,” said Myrna Gardner, president and CEO of Kakivik. “There’s a real shortage of trained and skilled NDT inspectors nationwide—not just in Alaska—so this is a win-win-win. Our industry gets enthusiastic, qualified employees; our state improves its capacity to hire from within, keeping more Alaskan jobs for Alaskans; and the graduates are on their way in a well-paid, skilled profession that they can pursue both here in Alaska and around the world.”

Nine students graduated from the 2009 NDT Boot Camp, and three of them have already accepted trainee positions with Kakivik Asset Management:  Rebecca Anderson, Jonathon Copeland and Daniel Popp.

Kakivik Asset Management, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BBNC, Bristol Bay Native Corporation.  The nearly 200 employees of Kakivik are celebrating their 10th year providing world class nondestructive testing and inspection services to customers in the oil and gas sector and beyond, both within Alaska and in the lower 48.