Ben Schoffmann Named CEO of Kakivik Asset Management

BBNC Subsidiary Gains Leadership
from Veteran of Marathon Oil

Anchorage, AK – Bristol Bay Native Corporation announces today that Ben Schoffmann will join subsidiary Kakivik Asset Management as President and Chief Executive Officer effective April 6.

Ben Schoffmann will oversee day-to-day management of Kakivik’s asset integrity management operations and business development, as well as the CCI Industrial Services in the BBNC family of companies. Mr. Schoffmann succeeds Kakivik CEO Myrna Gardner, who resigned in October 2009. Scott Torrison, BBNC Chief Operating Officer, served as acting CEO for Kakivik during the interim.

Mr. Schoffmann brings a solid foundation in the oil and gas industry in both Alaska and the Lower 48 to Kakivik. His 30-year career spent with Marathon Oil Co. as engineer, project and operations manager, and most recently as Health, Environmental and Safety Operations Manager for North America Production, will be a valuable asset to Kakivik and CCI Industrial Services’ continued success as leading providers of nondestructive testing and quality assurance services.

“Mr. Schoffmann has demonstrated his commitment to building the team of employees of Kakivik and the CCI Industrial Services, while advancing the foundation of customer satisfaction and high-quality work upon which we have built this company,” said BBNC COO Scott Torrison. “He is ready to handle the diverse quality assurance assignments in Alaska and the Lower 48, and providing growth to the business in a sustainable manner. We are pleased to welcome him to the BBNC family of companies.”

About Kakivik: Kakivik Asset Management, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of BBNC. Headquartered in Anchorage, Kakivik has been providing world class nondestructive testing, inspections, quality assurance and program management to multiple industry organizations for ten years, both within Alaska and the Lower 48. For more information, visit

About CCI: CCI Industrial Services is a business unit of CCI, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of BBNC. CCI, Inc. was founded in 1989 with five operating lines of business. The Industrial Services unit operates on Alaska’s North Slope in Prudhoe Bay providing oil spill response, abatement and industrial containment services.

About BBNC: BBNC is one of 13 Regional Corporations formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. The corporation is a diversified company with investment and business holdings in a stock portfolio and operating companies providing oilfield services, construction services, government contracting and petroleum distribution. The corporation has more than 8,500 Eskimo, Aleut, and Athabascan shareholders with ancestral ties to the Bristol Bay region. More information can be found at