Kakivik Completes 3-years Incident Free

Company-wide commitment to a culture of 3 F's—
Face Time, Feedback and Follow-up—
helped achieve this latest safety milestone.

Anchorage, November 18, 2014: October marked Kakivik’s 3rd year of work since our last OSHA Recordable injury - the longest such streak of safe work in our company’s history. Ben Schoffmann, President and CEO, commented, “This fantastic milestone is a testament to our team commitment to safety and the leadership and the value that our key clients put on safety. I am very proud of the many ways the entire team is committed to working safely. In particular, our safety leadership culture of 3F’s (Face Time, Feedback and Follow-up) helps to ensure we have critical safety conversations on what is working and where we need to improve every day.”

This milestone represents the efforts of over 200 workers across Alaska and overseas, and nearly 1.3 million man-hours of safe work.


About Kakivik Asset Management, LLC
Kakivik Asset Management, LLC is a full service asset integrity management company, specializing in nondestructive testing (NDT), external and internal corrosion investigations and quality program management. We provide inspectors and technicians, certified to industry standards, to evaluate the structural integrity of the critical infrastructure assets of our energy, industry and government clients.